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MPS Electric Design has good business relationships with Romanian manufacturers and service providers such as:
- ENERGOBIT Cluj, for renewable energy projects;
- ELECTROPUTERE Craiova, for electrical equipment and power transformers;
- ELECTROTEL, AUTOMATICA and ENEROPTIM, for control and protection panels.

Our company receives technical assistance for specific activities and cooperates with the following companies:
- FICHTNER ENGINEERING, for steel structures, calculus and details;
- TRAFOCONSULT Craiova, for power, distribution and special transformers consulting services;
- UPB EDUPERCO Bucharest, for scientific activities concerning theoretical matters of high voltage electro-magnetic phenomena;
- ICMET Craiova - LIT and LMP, for insulation issues, transformer and high voltage equipment tests;
- SPA, for consulting on civil works;
- HERBING SRL (SCHNEIDER T&D representative), for telecommunication services;
- SIEMENS SRL (SIEMENS Group, Romanian branch);
- ALSTOM Romania (ALSTOM Group, Romanian branch).

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